Feel not-so-“Lonely” with Joe Hertler and The Rainbow Seekers’ new video

By Kat Lawrence

There’s something special about Joe Hertler dancing around on a stage as he channels the hype only Billy Mays brought to infomercials.

Joe Hertler and The Rainbow Seekers released their new single “Lonely,” off their their upcoming album Pluto, on February 3. The video was released in collaboration with Baebel Music, a Brooklyn-based visual music company.

The group of men bring the dance moves of Richard Simmons, the forward-moving tempo of Lin-Manuel Miranda songs and the visual depth of Quentin Tarantino films to the new video.

These guys have done solid work with Baebel Music. The high-intensity and fast-paced video never lets you sit back and makes you want to stand up and dance right along with the man in the blue plaid Snuggie.

It’s just like being at a JH+TRS show, with the build, the small release, the second climb and then the dance break where everything lets loose!

On Terra Incognita, the group’s sophomore album, the Rainbow Seekers took a folky look at pop songs mixed with a bit more bass. It was an encompassing album, one that left you feeling whole through every song.

Joe and the guys have gone in a new direction with the newest song release. “Lonely” is hitting more Motown, swingy tunes reminiscent of Earth, Wind and Fire, which may be an indication of what Pluto will have to provide for dance anthems when it comes out March 31.

Joe Hertler and The Rainbow Seekers are going on tour with the release of Pluto. The group will be at The Ore Dock in Marquette March 29. Then they’re playing two nights in Ann Arbor at the Bling Pig on March 30 and 31. Rounding out the Michigan dates is a night at 20 Monroe Live in Grand Rapids on April 1.

The guys are then spending April, May and most of June out of state, touring from New York to California. Their tour is ending on a high note, playing both weekends at the famous Electric Forest Music Festival in Rothbury.

For more information on their tour, visit joehertler.com. To preorder Pluto, check out the Kickstarter page the group set up.

Kat Lawrence is the Editor-in-Chief of Mitten State Music. She likes space, her cats, Futurama and coffee. So much coffee…

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